1. mihlayn:

    New Zealand’s finest.

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  2. yourscientistfriend:

    Ferguson vs Pumpkin fest
    The media’s treatment of these two events were shameful!

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  3. einzelheiteneinesunterschiedes:


    no no no no onono no stop it you can’t draw pores what how


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  4. mental-allure:


    1967 Lincoln Continental Coupe.

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  5. phuckindope:

    Jordan Space Jam 11s

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  7. unstablefragments:

    Nike Air Jordan V By erofe_98

    Ill sell my first born for these lol 

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  13. unstablefragments:

    Nike Air Yeezy II Red October by Elisha Johnthunder

  15. real-hiphophead:

    Young 2PacBiggie, J DillaBig L, Eazy E and ODB. RIP

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